Byword Text Editor

Platforms: macOS and iOS

Cloud: iCloud and Dropbox


  • Document search from spotlight
  • Split view
  • 3D touch support

Byword Overview

Byword is optimized fro work between its different apps. It allows handoff — a convenient way of starting work on one device, and continuing off on another. It's got robust Markdown editing capabilities, with support for footnotes, tables and cross-references, not to mention live formatting.

Other productivity features of note are splitscreen, which works great for professional translators and those who like to work with an outline, and versions, that lets you see previous iterations of your work.

Users report that the app is lightweight and works well on smaller writing projects, but the desktop app seems to accommodate larger text with difficulty and stuttering. The iOS app seems to have no stability issues to report, and works well to accommodate the platform's limitations.

The app's killer feature is that it allows you to publish your writing to Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Evernote straight from the app.

Another killer is the price: a steep $26 to unlock all the features and have apps on two platforms, with two separate charges to access the publishing feature on both mobile and desktop.

Overall, Byword is a great solution for bloggers on the most popular platforms using Markdown.


  • $11.99 — macOS
  • $5.99 — iOS
  • $3.99 — Publishing feature (sold separately for each version)


Handoff support

Publishing feature



Can be slow

Steep price

Great for: Writing on the go

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