iaWriter Text Editor

Platforms: macOS, iOS, Android

Cloud: iCloud and Dropbox


  • Workflow feature
  • Intelligent syntax checker
  • Synchronized scrolling
  • Focus mode

iaWriter Overview

iA Writer enables you to write on three different platforms with seamless handoff support and apps on desktop Macs, iOS, and Android. It live-syncs your documents to iCloud and Dropbox, and exports documents to .docx and .pdf.

This app's minimalist philosophy is expressed in limitations for the user: no ability to change fonts or their sizes. It uses Nitti Light, which is an attractive, monospace typewriter-like font, and it works well with the overall design of the app's environment.

iA Writer's killer feature is Syntax Control. Editing your own writing is always difficult, but this function makes it more manageable. Syntax Control marks up the different parts of speech so that you can process your writing in chunks (and remove some completely! Adverb haters rejoice). Sentence Syntax dims, and brings out your writing one sentence at a time.

This app's highlight is its mobile version. It supports nearly all the same functions as its desktop counterpart, and has its own, like customizable keyboards The app works well and looks good even on the comparably tine iPhone screen. With multiple App store awards, iA Writer a clear winner for mobile writing experiences.


  • $9.99 — macOS
  • $4.99 — iOS
  • Free — Android


Apps on three platforms

Syntax control

Excellent mobile version


No font choices

Great for: Working on mobile and desktop at the same time

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