OmmWriter Text Editor

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS

Cloud: None


  • Music tracks and ambient noise
  • Keystroke sounds
  • Background images

OmmWriter Overview

OmmWriter focuses on giving you an experience first an foremost. With OmmWriter, you can listen to music tracks or soft ambient noise, and enjoy a beautiful background visual while you type.

The app is determined to bring you a curated experience, and achieves that goal by limiting what the user can adjust about the app. First, you cannot choose your background picture or sounds. Then, the app only runs in fullscreen, with no option to resize the app's window. The writing area can be expanded to fit your needs, though, so that's something. Formatting tools are kept to a minimum.

The app presents its lack of functionality as a feature: that way, there's nothing to distract you from working. OmmWriter is a blank canvas for you to create on.

All in all, the application is elegant and smooth, and provides a satisfying experience. But it won't be enough for users who want rich formatting customization and other tools many writers rely on.


  • $5.99 - macOS
  • $4.99 - iOS


Elegant and smooth

Writing is an experience


Barely any functionality

No cloud support

No updates

Great for: Writing with ambiance

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