Ulysses Text Editor

Platforms: macOS and iOS

Cloud: iCloud, Dropbox


  • Support for attachments
  • Split view
  • Text to speech and dictation
  • Goal-setting

Ulysses Overview

Ulysses offers lots and lots of features to users, with a notable highlight being text to speech and dictation features — something few apps integrate.

Where Ulysses shines is document organization. Your documents (called 'sheets' here) are stored in a unified library, and are sorted with intelligent filters, groups, favorites, and bookmarks. Though the app lacks the ability to separate project from one another, though, you can figure out a creative way to save parts of your project with a filter of some sort.

Ulysses has a very stylish design to it. You write with black characters on a white background, with Markdown-tagged elements highlighted with different colors. The result is an attractive, minimalist look.

Notably, the app lacks a publishing feature that other apps have. This is part of Ulysses' philosophy: adding a publishing feature to the app would cause users to fiddle with formatting tools instead of writing, and what Ulysses wants is for you to write!

The iOS apps are nearly as powerful as the desktop app, and offer most of the same features. The syncing works well, and works with the handoff feature, just like iA Writer and Draft. However, users do need to pay twice to access both the mobile and desktop experience. Together, they will run $70.


  • $44.99 - macOS
  • $24.99 - iOS


Tons of features

Stylish look



No Windows version

Great for: Text to speech

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