Write! Text Editor

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Cloud: Native cloud


  • Clean UI
  • Native cloud sync
  • Document publishing to the web
  • Night and Focus modes

Write! Overview

Write! is a distraction-free writing space. It's made for writers focused on their productivity. This app's design and users experience are very streamlined and cohesive. Using Write! is a pleasure, and no design element feels out of place or superfluous.

Write! is rich in productivity features: Focus mode dims all paragraphs except the one the cursor is on, Counters tell the user how much they've written in the document (number of words, characters, pages and even reading time), as well as words per day and characters per minute. Write! supports Markdown, Wiki, and Textile for rich formatting. You can add formatting to the text using Markup tags as you write.

The best feature this app has is native cloud syncing. Any changes in any document are saved in the cloud and synced to other apps connected to your account with no third-party services. At any time, you can export all your files from the cloud in one click.

It's also a very good looking app. Every preset and color pops in two themes: light and dark. It doesn't utilize much resources, so it runs smoothly even on a slow computer.

Write! is the best app for writing on Windows. Really, the only text editor that looks good on that OS. Overall a fantastic app.


  • $4.99 - Windows and macOS


Native cloud

Elegant UI

Document publishing


No Linux version

Great for: Working in style on Windows

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